Dinas Powys EP

To tie in with the Dinas Powys Fringe Festival I’m releasing a new four track EP of outtake songs that I also recorded in Dinas Powys.

Ex-Conspiracy Theorist

This is something of a bridging song between ‘The Signal and the Noise’ and ‘Dinas Powys’, there’s also a nod back to ‘European Monsoon’ if you’re really paying attention. Originally it was going to be the last track on the DP LP but I thought Big Blue Sky was similar and better. Sort of a ramshackle back porch strumalong from an old man surrounded by piles of old laboratory equipment.

Patrick Troughton

Quite a bit of electronica creeping back in here. Slightly stuck out for the LP, but I still really like how this sounds. All the pads and chord sounds and made from sampled guitars, and the voices are sampled from a field recording I made at an alabaster factory in Egypt. Patrick Troughton was, of course, the second actor to play Doctor Who.

Inbox Zero

This was sort of a work in progress demo for a song that never really got taken any further. In my mind I think it was a Tom Waits song, so imagine him doing it in his boozy weepy style – I sure wasn’t going to try and ‘do the voice’.

Under the Wallpaper (parts 1, 2, and 3)

Taken from the same late night session which was, as much as anything, testing out a new field microphone. This presents the UTW songs all together in one live take. A little more subdued than the versions on ‘Dinas Powys’ and ‘Ah, the Digital Nonsense‘.




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