Dinas Powys: Track by Track. ‘The Big Blue Sky’

This is probably my favourite song on the album, and also the simplest (what have I learned there?). Again mad props to my backing singers, Laura is joined this time by Nicola Jones – making this a partial Silence at Sea reunion song. It’s got a campfire vibe, maybe a hint of the first Bon Iver record I suppose. As previously mentioned the Beth Jeans Houghton male choir was in my mind throughout making this record, I think this song is the most obvious example of that.

Lyrically… well it’s true! I did keep dreaming I was moving to Reykjavik after I went to Iceland for Airwaves. It’s a beautiful place, and I was really happy for the week or so I was there. So, the rest of it… do things work because they work? Or do they work because you believe they’ll work?


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