Dinas Powys: Track by Track. ‘Light Pollution II’

This is a version of a Local Sports Team song that we recorded for the Latvia EP. I’ve replaced the meandering bassline with ebbing, flowing, melodica, the drums with plucks, blips, and shakey egg, and the entire second half of the song with basically a big smudge of sound based on a single chord. The long droning section is comprised of granular synth samples from this song and some of Laura and Eleanor’s parts from the rest of the album, processed live using a monome arc/grid application called ‘Grainstorm’. I decided after the fact that this ever increasing drone represents the ‘Light Pollution’ itself blotting out the song.

The lyrics were the main reason I decided to re-record this. It was one of the first LST songs to have words, and we kind of realised later that we were a band with more light hearted themes. The words I wrote for this were more like one of my own songs, so I made them into one. They absolutely fit in with the overall themes of the album; absolutism, isolation, inflexible thinking, how depression perpetuates itself….

Listen to the original Local Sports Team version here:


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