‘Dinas Powys’: Track by Track. ‘Fine Lines’

Track 2: Fine Lines

One of the earlier tracks written for the record – I actually played this during the ‘Signal and the Noise’ shows. It’s a relentless tumbling/marching rhythm, vaguely mariachi, a little bit of Beirut in there maybe? The general approach to backing vocals on this record was really inspired by how Beth ‘Jeans’ Houghton made use of her all-male backing band into a kind of choir on her first album. That’s a bit more apparent on other tracks than this one.

This song was originally a lot synthier, but in my commitment to making an organic sounding record, and one that sounds cohesive I replaced some of it with xylophone. Still got some nice little Prophet parps in the background. Couldn’t imagine it without them.

Lyrically it’s one of those ‘note to self’ songs about negativity, and embracing opportunities. The first few lines make me think I’d like Stephen Fry to hear the song someday and allow himself a wry chuckle.


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