‘Dinas Powys’: Track By Track. ‘A Classic Album, Loved By Millions’

To celebrate my new album, I’m going to do a track by track each day on my blog…

I was so, so close to just calling the record ‘A Classic Album, Loved By Millions’ – but in the end it just didn’t quite fit. But as a title of an opening track I like to think it suggests ambition.

Lyrically the first couplet and a half of this song basically summarise everything I was trying to say with the entire ‘The Signal and the Noise’ record. The rest of the song is about the creative process. I was pondering recording fidelity, and my intention to mix this record myself for the first time. I was thinking ‘Well Bee Thousand isn’t exactly a great sounding record, and that’s a classic album loved by millions’ – which it isn’t. Maybe hundreds of thousands… Anyway the phrase stuck in my mind.

Musically this song sticks out a bit from the ‘cubist folk’ idea – other than the slight acoustic guitar judder at the beginning it probably doesn’t quite fit the rest of the record. It’s a bit Guided by Voices, a bit Kinks in its thumping piano. I think it sets a tone of optimism for what follows…


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