Be in my video!

Would you like to be in a music video for my next single? Great! 


Then please do this:

  1. Think of an interesting fact about the world, the sort of thing that makes you go ‘oh that’s cool’ and feel a bit better about being alive.
  2. Try and express it briefly – think tweet sized.
  3. Write it on a big piece of paper so it’s nice and legible.
  4. Film yourself holding this aloft – say for a minimum of 30 seconds. You must be in shot.
  5. Send the footage to me

If you can do it in some kind of interesting location then all the better. Try and adopt a facial expression which reflects how you feel about your fact.

Please don’t make up your fact.

Technical stuff:

  • Please film it LANDSCAPE not portrait
  • Please use a pretty generic video format, something I won’t struggle to import into iMovie -.m4a .avi .mov are all fine
  • Please upload it to some kind of filesharing site like dropbox
  • e-mail it to

DEADLINE: 11th November

Any questions let me know. I waffle a lot so I’ve tried to keep this simple.